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Simple Home Maintenance Tips

3 Simple Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas

It is alluring to ignore the cost and employ a specialized contractor for home improvement repairs instead of doing them on your own. At times home repairs can appear complicated and daunting to the inexperienced, and fear that any attempts of fixing the leaky tap or drafty windowpane will result in more damage might discourage from doing it yourself.

Nevertheless, implementing a home maintenance plan can help you save a lot of money and time. Luckily, you do not need lot of specialized knowledge to carry out proper home maintenance.


1. Toilets

Water that continuously leaks from your toilet will not only make you pay a huge utility bill, but it can as well results in water damage to the floor of your bathroom and premature wear of the internal workings of your toilet. To know if your toilet tank has a leakage, add some colored substances to the water inside the reservoir. Return after an hour and find out if the water in the bowl is colored. If it is, this implies that your tank has a leakage.

If you realize that the toilet I leaking from the reservoir to the bowl, the flapper must be changed. To replace the flapper of your toilet, you need to shut down the water supply to the toilet first. This can be done by just turning the water valve situated just behind the toilet. Take off the lid of the tank and flush the toilet so that you can empty the tank. Utilize a sponge to clean up any excess water that remains in the reservoir. Take out the flush chain from the level and after that slip the old flapper up off the run-off tube slither the new flapper in place. Slide the new flapper in place overflow tube, re-join the chain, and switch on the water supply.

2. Faucets

Worn out washers are the primary cause of leaky faucets. The appliances located in the tap handles made of rubber, and they usually wear out fast. Change them by switching off the water supply, unbolting the holey knob that regulates the flow of water to the sprout, removing the worn out washer, and fixing the new one.


3. Washing machine and dryer

It is essential to frequently inspect the water supply hoses of your washing machine to see if there are any leaks. The main reasons for insurance complaints are for water destruction that comes as results of leaky washing machine supply channels. Inspect the water supply channels every year and replace them after every 36 months if they are of plastic material. If you realize that the metallic endings of water supply channels are rusty, change them instantly.

The moment it comes to your dryer, it is vital to ensure that you frequently clean your lint screen so that you can be able to prevent fire outbreaks. Not only this exercises prevents fires, but it will as well increase the lifespan of the heating component.